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Beauty in everything you see and paint


Learn About Art From Carla

All art making begins with a genuine appreciation of every aspect involved in the process from inspiration to ideation and execution. It’s an overwhelming experience you usher yourself into as you open your mind, eyes, and heart to the 1,001 possibilities of self-expression.

In my art classes, I share with you everything I know. Take this wonderful journey with me and find that sweet spot where your soul flies free shaping a world of your own.


Explore Your Innate Creativity

Follow your passions and coax that creative spirit to come out. Be amazed at how a little motivation from like-minded visual artists can fire your imagination.

Revel in the A-ha moment as you discover new ways of expressing ideas via colors, shapes, and textures. I’ll guide you through every step of the creative process.

Me and My Art

Must-See Art Events

Amazing Visual Experiences


Commission an Artwork Now

Find out more about the works I create as a multimedia artist. I accept requests for commissioned pieces. Contact me today at Art by Carla in Port St. Lucie, Florida, for orders and inquiries.

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